UYN shoes win the German Innovation Award 2020

UYN shoes win the German Innovation Award 2020

When we designed the UYN shoes we wanted them to be a revolutionary product. We created them thanks to an exclusive manufacturing technique, with sophisticated technologies and the attention to the environment that always sets us apart. This is why we are proud to have won the German Innovation Award 2020 with our first shoe collection for innovation, sustainability and “unrivalled wearing comfort”.

The jury’s verdict

“The very latest high-tech processes are used to manufacture UYN shoes. The result is a completely innovative, highly functional, and above all custom fit shoe that promises unrivalled wearing comfort. It is also very long lasting thanks to the materials used, like ecological felt and merino wool, as well as the fact that no waste is created from its manufacture”.

The award

The German Innovation Award has been awarded since 2018 by the German Design Council with the aim of honouring products that distinguish themselves primarily by their user centricity and added value compared to earlier solutions across all industrial sectors.

UYN wins the Red Dot Award

UYN wins the Red Dot Award

We are proud to announce that our brand UYN – Unleash Your Nature has won the Red Dot Award in the Brands & Communication Design 2020 category.

Red Dot represents one of the world’s largest design competitions. Since 1995 has been the revered international seals of outstanding design quality. This year an international jury of 24 experts evaluated 6,992 entries from 50 countries. In line with the motto “In search of good design and creativity”, the jurors awarded only those projects that stood out for their high design quality and creative achievement.

The Red Dot rewards the innovation of UYN: the values that we tirelessly promote every day, the clear identity that makes us different from everyone else. UYN combines technology, style and sustainability in a revolutionary way to give everyone the opportunity to freely express their nature. In less than two years, this vision that has led us not only to consolidate the presence of the UYN brand on international markets, but to be recognized among the world’s best sportswear brands. The Red Dot Award certifies the constant commitment to offer to the customers the best for their needs.

The President of Bugatti Stephan Winkelmann visits Trerè Innovation

The President of Bugatti Stephan Winkelmann visits Trerè Innovation

With great pleasure Trerè Innovation welcomed the visit to Asola of Stephan Winkelmann, president of Bugatti Automobiles, and his team. The Bugatti brand represents the excellence in the automotive world. Bugatti supercars are worldwide objects of desire, symbols of refinement, exclusivity and unparalleled performance.

Driven by the same values of innovation and pursuit of perfection, Trerè and Bugatti look ahead to the future together in a relationship of deep respect and mutual collaboration.

Handelsblatt interviews CEO Marco Redini: "The sneakers revolution”

Handelsblatt interviews CEO Marco Redini: "The sneakers revolution”

The prestigious German-language business newspaper Handelsblatt dedicated a long and detailed article in its online edition to the future projects and the steady growth of the Trerè Innovation group.

In the interview with journalist Joachim Hofer, our CEO Marco Redini announced the launch on the market of the first UYN shoe collection, which has already been defined “the sneakers revolution”. “Just as Adi Dassler once set out in Herzogenaurach to turn the world of sport upside down with his Adidas football shoes, Redini now wants to revolutionise the industry with knitted sneakers”, says the article.

Despite the difficulties in the global economy caused in recent months by the Coronavirus pandemic, Trerè Innovation has not stopped its development plans, which include – among the other projects – the expansion of the TITICI bikes brand, the opening of new UYN pop-up stores in major European cities and the inauguration of the AREAS academy, to attract young talents from all over the world and introduce them to the Trerè Innovation world.

The full interview is available on Handelsblatt website (in German only).

Coronavirus emergency: Trerè Innovation donates 8000 masks to the Asola community

Coronavirus emergency: Trerè Innovation donates 8000 masks to the Asola community

Local community is the lifeblood a company. The Trerè Innovation Group has grown over the years to take on its current international dimension, but we have remained proud of our roots in the Asola (Mantua) area and have always identified contributing to improving the lives of the area’s citizens as our mission. At this time of emergency, the company has chosen to do our bit by taking very special initiatives. The manufacturing department has been converted – in record time – to be able to produce washable and reusable fabric face masks. The first 8000 were donated to the Asola community, to help fight the spread of Covid-19.

The masks come in adult and kids sizes and were delivered by CEO Marco Redini to Asola’s Civil Protection Service, which was then able to distribute them to inhabitants. Trerè Innovation’s experience and nature led us to create a high-quality product. It’s made using breathable, hypoallergenic 3D fabric, which can be washed at 60° to remove pathogens.

Redini: “Our mask is the product of our local community’s creativity and professionalism”

“Masks have become a part of daily life,” said CEO Redini. “They’re an indispensable way of limiting the spread of coronavirus but also for regaining confidence in our relations with those around us.” In just three weeks, we have been able to design, test and produce a completely new product. Our mask is the product of the skill and professionalism of everyone working at Trerè Innovation, from designers to manufacturing engineers, who mostly come from Asola and the neighbouring areas. If you look at it that way, the mask represents the creativity of the area and we couldn’t but donate the first models produced to the community that brought them to life.”

Local charitable organisations receive support from the Redini family

At times when the pandemic was at its worst, the Trerè Innovation Group rolled out other initiatives for tackling the emergency. The company contributed to the purchase of a ventilator for the hospital in Asola, equipment that has helped treat Covid-19 patients and save human lives. Alongside the “Il Ponte della solidarietà” (or Solidarity Bridge) Foundation, the Redini family donated funds to the Asola Care Home, as well as 400 masks to the Shalom Community in Palazzolo sull’Oglio (Brescia). They provided funds for local charity projects and supported missionary initiatives in Malawi, Ethiopia, Burundi, Ghana and Cambodia, in communities struck by the coronavirus. The support given totalled around 60,000 euros.

UYN launches its ergonomic, washable,
 sustainable Community Mask  

UYN launches its ergonomic, washable,
 sustainable Community Mask

The Italian brand launches production of a new high-tech face mask for sports and community activities. 10,000 masks will be produced every day in the company’s headquarters in Asola (Mantua).

The plant in the heart of Lombardy, one of the regions most severely affected by the Covid-19 virus, has adapted to respond to the emergency. Trerè Innovation, a leading manufacturer and distributor of functional sportswear, announces development of a new model of face mask to be distributed under the UYN – Unleash Your Nature brand. The UYN Community Mask is made entirely at the company’s headquarters in Asola, in the province of Mantua, which has rapidly reorganised to guarantee a productive capacity of 10 thousand masks a day.

Ergonomic 3D design

Drawing on the company’s long experience with high-tech fabrics and studies conducted in the AREAS research and development lab, Trerè Innovation has come up with a light, ergonomic face mask that adapts perfectly to the shape of the face to ensure greater efficacy. The fabric is worked in three dimensions, thicker over the nose and mouth to create a barrier that slows dispersion of the saliva droplets that are expelled when we cough, sneeze or speak while permitting easy breathing.

Texlyte Nano: the ultralight fibre preferred by champion skiers

The UYN Community Mask is made out of Texlyte Nano, a high-tech fibre used in the manufacture of functional base layers worn by the champion skiers of the national teams of Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Norway and four other countries. The Oekotex Standard 100 and Bluesign certified material will not cause allergies and is especially recommended for use in products requiring high standards of hygiene. Texlyte Nano is 50% lighter than cotton and 34% lighter than polyester, and is moisture-repellent, thermo-regulating, highly resistant and 100% recyclable, making it one of the most eco-friendly synthetic fibres on the market.

Four sizes, for adults and children

The result is a face mask recommended for use during sporting activity and everyday life in the community. It is not a disposable product, but can be washed at 60° and used again and again, without altering its properties. The refined design, availability of plenty of different sizes for children and adults (four sizes, from XS to L) and different colours (four colours for sizes XS and S, seven for M and L) allow you to feel at ease, so the mask doesn’t feel like a foreign body.

The most altruistic thing you can do

The Community Mask is not a medical device. Wearing it is not a replacement for following the rules of hygiene and social distancing recommended by the authorities. Wearing the mask does not protect the wearer against contagion, but (by decreasing the range of action of the droplets and mucous particles that can carry the virus) is an altruistic act to protect the people around us. It’s the best thing we can do to restore confidence in interpersonal relationships!

In the words of CEO Marco Redini

“At this time of emergency, Trerè Innovation is doing its part for the good of the community,” says CEO Marco Redini. “In only a few days, we adapted our highly flexible organisation in response to the situation and put our know-how to work to develop a high quality face mask. We will increasingly be wearing face masks as we go about our everyday lives: at work, in the supermarket, at the gym, during group sporting events. This is why UYN wanted to make a Community Mask that is comfortable, lightweight, sustainable and attractive to look at. At a time like this it’s important to have a choice of colours, because colours have the power to affect our state of mind: blue has a calming effect, green expresses harmony and hope, and orange promotes optimism. UYN masks are designed for both children and adults, and we can also supply customised masks for companies and businesses”.

COVID-19: important information

COVID-19: important information

Trerè Innovation, as all Italian companies, has implemented the Prime Minister Decree of 22nd March 2020 related to the suspension of production and commercial activities until 3rd April 2020.

After the measures already implemented in the past weeks, we are now asked for an additional act of responsibility to protect the health of our employees and to combat the spread of the infection.

While following the provisions of the authorities, we want to guarantee that Trerè Innovation, thanks to its solid internal organization and collective effort, will be able to cope with the commitments made with its customers – as has always happened in its long history.

Working methods have been promptly reorganized to allow employees to continue their activities at home, where possible. As a result, the Customer Service remains active to give our partners full support. The usual communication channels remain active too. Through them we will keep you constantly updated on the evolution of the situation.

Finally, we guarantee that this difficult moment will not change the spirit of our company. Our desire to innovate and offer revolutionary products will not end. More than ever, we do not give up on the present situation, but we look to the future with confidence, aware that soon we will start again with even greater enthusiasm.

UYN shoes in the spotlight at “Gallery Shoes” trade show

UYN shoes in the spotlight at “Gallery Shoes” trade show

After the official launches at Pitti Uomo (Italy) and ISPO Munich (Germany), UYN shoe collection, the first ever made by Trerè Innovation, will be presented at Gallery Shoes, the international shoe fair taking place from 8 to 10 March in Düsseldorf, Germany.

At the UYN stand (A01) visitors will have the chance to discover the collection’s eight models for men and for women, made entirely in Italy following a revolutionary knitting technique. UYN shoes are both flexible and stable and they encase the feet like a sock, guaranteeing total freedom of movement and superior comfort. More functional and more natural than traditional sneakers, the UYN shoes are the perfect companion for everyday activities.

Trerè’s excellence in global design recognised again: UYN wins two iF Awards

Trerè’s excellence in global design recognised again: UYN wins two iF Awards

We are proud to announce that Trerè Innovation has been awarded two iF Design Awards, one for the UYN Alpha Biking Twinjet cycling bibs and the other for the UYN Soccer Socks. The iF Design Award has been the undisputed judge of innovation and excellence in the field of design for 67 years. Bearing the logo isn’t just about winning one of the world’s most prestigious awards; it’s also about being part of an elite set of companies that are making an impact on people’s lives and improving experiences with revolutionary services.

The iF International Forum Design GmbH gives out the Award on a yearly basis. Headquartered in Hannover, Germany, it’s the world’s oldest independent body in the field of design. In total, 7,298 candidates from 56 countries were submitted to the panel of 78 experts and among the winners chosen for the sport products category were two UYN products. Trerè also received significant recognition for our work in 2019, with the innovative Membrain115 material, used to make the Rossignol Ski Jacket.

Alpha Biking Bibs with Twinjet ventilation technology

The Alpha Biking bibs with Twinjet chamois have Trerè’s patented ventilation system built into them. Employing the same principle on which a twin-engine jet functions (taking in air at the front and expelling it at the back), the Twinjet chamois allows air in through a special opening at the front. A system of micro-conductors in the central section then allows the air to circulate and generates a cooling effect, while moisture is wicked through two openings at the back of the shorts. The result is a net reduction in excess sweat and so less irritation in sensitive areas that come into contact with the saddle.

Soccer socks with shin guard housing

With over half a century of professional experience, Trerè Innovation tops the field when it comes to technical sock production and distribution. The latest release comes in the form of socks for football, which have shin guard housing built into their structure. The housing holds the shin guards in the correct position throughout a match or training session, without the need for often ineffective tricks using tape or bands. Their ergonomic design, the silicone inserts on the insole and the shock absorption system ensure excellent comfort, stability and control for footballers.

iF Design Award winners to be showcased in Berlin from 2 to 10 May

The Alpha Biking bibs and soccer socks will be shown, alongside the other successful candidates, at the iF Design exhibition in Berlin, one of Europe’s most important design capitals. The exhibition is scheduled to take place from 2 to 10 May in the legendary Cafe Moskau, an architectural and historical symbol of the city.

You can find information about the winning products on the iF Design Award website.
– For the Alpha Biking Twinjet bibs
– For the UYN Soccer Socks

French President Macron wears Rossignol Supercorde jacket with Trerè’s Membrain115

French President Macron wears Rossignol Supercorde jacket with Trerè’s Membrain115

Emmanuel Macron was spotted wearing Rossignol Supercorde jacket with Trerè’s Membrain115 during a visit to Chamonix on February 13th. The President of France visited the famous Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice) glacier, located in the Mont Blanc massif, announcing the creation of a protected nature reserve around Mont Blanc.

The award-winning Rossignol Supercorde jacket in one of the results of Rossignol’s partnership with Trerè Innovation. The refined design of the French brand Rossignol meets the advanced technology of the Italian company Trerè Innovation to create a high-end jacket perfect for all occasions.

Rossignol Supercorde Jacket features Trerè’s patented MEMBRAIN115 material, a truly innovative combination of three dimensional knitted fabric with an intelligent membrane. The membrane makes the knitted structure water-resistant, windproof, transpiring and ultra-strong without altering its outstanding elasticity and softness. The result is a jacket that offers the utmost freedom of movement, optimum wearability and perfect thermoregulation.