Pierre Cardin's elegance comes to Trerè Innovation

Pierre Cardin's elegance comes to Trerè Innovation

Trerè innovation announces the acquisition of the license for the next 4 years of loungewear and nightwear production.

Trerè Innovation’s desire always remains to expand its portfolio of renowned signatures, seeking out the best excellences in the world to make its offer unique.

For this reason, we are happy to announce that we have acquired the license of Pierre Cardin, a brand of absolute prestige in the fashion industry, for the next four years.


Pierre Cardin is a historic brand, for over 60 years at the top level in the world market, recognized as an icon of style and design. It was the first brand to produce clothes “pret-a-porter” in the last years of ‘50s, then he grown exponentially in every decades of twentieth century and today it is recognized for its unique and elegant style.

Pierre Cardin was a visionary designer that he was able to create looks for entire decades and to bring innovation in the market strategy of fashion industry. Trerè Innovation strongly identifies with this futuristic identity. Both brands are linked by a history that goes way back and after this agreement there is a common vision of a future with new goals and shared objectives.


The acquisition of the Pierre Cardin license expands a rich portfolio that includes several iconic brands around the world such as Jeep, Citroen and Replay.

Jeep is the leading off-road vehicle brand and it’s an icon for explorers. This philosophy is replicated in both men’s and women’s collection created by Trerè Innovation. Values such as innovation and technology have encouraged an iconic brand like Citroen to choose us to produce and distribute a special lifestyle line that is unique and recognizable just like the French automotive brand. Finally, the agreement with the historic Veneto-based brand Replay includes distribution of socks and underwear collections in more than 30,000 stores globally.

UYN Second Life Program

UYN Second Life Program

Giving our leftover textiles a new purpose

Turning waste into resources
In the era of fast fashion and endless consumerism, the impact of textile waste on the environment is becoming a global concern. An estimated 92 million tonnes of textiles waste is created globally each year. If we do not take action now, the situation will dramatically get worse.
For this reason, we at UYN have committed to the ‘Second Life’ project: reusing pre-consumer textile waste from our manufacturing to create new products.

When you use waste fabrics, originally produced for a different purpose, you are presented with many challenges. The creative process is turned upside down. You cannot make the design first and then look for materials, but you have to figure out how you can reuse the materials you already have.
This creative process is carried out by our team of designers and pattern makers in our laboratories in Asola (Italy). Their mission is to imagine a second life for fabrics: collect, clean, cut and sew them together. The result is a handcrafted, fine and exclusive product, different from all others because the starting materials are different.

Repurposed textiles

Where our textile leftovers come from
We use textiles from our own production chain to make Second Life products. In particular, when we create UYN outerwear, there is a surplus of unused fabrics and accessory parts (such as zips and buttons) left over. Instead of discarding them, we valorise and turn them into new products.

UYN Circular Store: Peschiera del Garda

UYN Circular Store: Peschiera del Garda

Renewable, recyclable, biodegradable: this is our circular store

Each UYN® Store is a new shopping experience. An experiential and cognitive space before just a shop. An immersion with all the senses into the UYN® world and its values of innovation and sustainability, technology and nature, performance and comfort.
Designed in harmony with nature, our UYN® Stores are based on a circular concept: materials come from responsibly managed sources and are recyclable. The entire furniture, from the checkout counter to the displays, is made of 100% recyclable cardboard. This allows each UYN® Store to be at the forefront of sustainability and environmentally conscious use of resources.

UYN® Store Peschiera del Garda
History, design and elegance come together in this prestigious UYN Store located inside the stunning Officers’ Pavilion (Padiglione degli Ufficiali), an imposing 19th century Austro-Hungarian building restored to meet modern comfort requirements. The senses are absolute protagonists here in the discovery of UYN’s Biotech collections.

UYN EVOLUTYON BIOTECH underwear wins Ispo Award 2022

UYN EVOLUTYON BIOTECH underwear wins Ispo Award 2022

We are proud to announce that our new EVOLUTYON BIOTECH technical underwear has won the Ispo Award 2022. This award is one of the most prestigious in the sportswear industry and each year highlights the products that have excelled globally in innovation, quality and sustainability.

The international jury recognised EVOLUTYON BIOTECH as a milestone in technical apparel. This underwear is made using only natural and plant-based materials, achieving extraordinary performance.

EVOLUTYON BIOTECH shows that it is possible to make petroleum-free sportswear, thus reducing the footprint of the textile industry on the Planet.

ISPO Award jury statement

“This innovative material combination of bio-based fibers shows that alternatives to petroleum-based synthetics are no longer dreams of the future. The material feels great and the knit combination impressively shows that knit is a technology of the future.”

Evolutyon Biotech – Bio-developed thermoregulation

UYN EVOLUTYON BIOTECH shirt and pants are the ultimate meeting of nature and technology. The UYN engineers drew on our extensive experience in winter sports and the studies of our AREAS (Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sport) research and development laboratory to create an innovative mix of biomaterials that includes: kapok, the world’s lightest natural fibre, BIOLIGHT high-breathability yarn from beech wood, Natex bio-fibre from castor oil seeds and Flexicorn elastic yarn from corn seeds.

The result is a revolutionary underwear, ideal for high-intensity activities at medium to low temperatures. Characterised by perfect body temperature management and the incredible feeling of natural softness on the skin, unmatched by traditional synthetic fibres.

Meet us at ISPO Munich 2022

Discover EVOLUTYON BIOTECH and all of UYN’s innovations at ISPO Munich 2022. We look forward to seeing you at our booth (B1.502) from 28 to 30 November.