Innovation, research and knowledge. The combination of these skills has allowed us to develop and create brands with international appeal and unique products with unparalleled qualities.


Unleash your nature

Whether cycling, running, skiing or practising any other outdoor sport: with UYN® products, you can stay focused on your activity. The revolutionary high-tech fibres and details offer pure wearing comfort. Because every cut, every colour shade and every stitch is the result of unique expertise and well thought-out design.

UYN® combines self-aware lifestyle, top functionality and enthusiasm in motion – with no compromises.


Custom made in Italy

Passion and intuitive innovation are combined in a unique production method that creates higher-performing frames. Each element is individually produced. A resin slowly penetrates deep into the fibres with each sequential wrap and ensures that every bond is strong. It’s a process that requires patience, but it’s worth the effort.

Bicycles from Titici® are precisely tailored to each rider and their riding style. Because every rider is different. And every bike should be too.


For freedom.

Mobility has changed significantly, especially in urban areas, with the expansion of bike paths, the increased popularity of bike tours, the e-bike boom and bike-sharing apps. More and more people are discovering the health benefits of cycling not just for sport, but also for getting around town.

Clothing needs to reflect this shift. That’s where For.Bicy® comes in, offering smart solutions for modern, urban cycling.