BUGATTI and UYN (Unleash Your Nature) – leading brands in their respective fields of automotive engineering and functional apparel – join forces in an exclusive collection to create the "UYN for BUGATTI" line: a collection designed to set new performance standards in apparel and footwear.

For 112 years BUGATTI has been creating automotive masterpieces that embody cutting-edge engineering, design and craftsmanship. Bugatti hyper sports cars are synonymous with unrivalled performance and absolute luxury.

For over 25 years, the Italian company, owned by Trerè Innovation s.r.l., has sought one objective: develop and produce the best high-tech sports apparel in the world, providing athletes and leisure sportspeople with an extra edge. UYN’s desire for excellence is defined by its dedication to technology, extensive research into advanced materials, focus on design and passion for its own products. This makes UYN the perfect partner for Bugatti to expand its brand lifestyle section new state-of-the-art products.

UYN provides wearers with a harmonious connection to nature with the use of special natural fibers, allowing for complete freedom of movement and lightness. An entirely new athletic experience is made possible with intelligent yarns and seamless technologies, responding to every movement and protecting the skin to create the perfect environment for the body during athletic activity.


The “UYN for BUGATTI” collection initially includes eleven pieces of clothing (jackets, mid-layers, polo shirts and technical shirts) plus two styles of shoes and will be expanded in the coming months. Each product is made in Italy, at the headquarters of UYN in Asola (Mantua Province) and is the result of close collaboration between BUGATTI and AREAS (Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sport), the highly advanced research, development and testing center of UYN. The partnership has led to unprecedented combinations of materials – selected for their breathability, drying speed, softness and elasticity as well as the development of ergonomic shapes.


A key source of inspiration is the iconic Bugatti C-line, which UYN has reinterpreted in jackets and shirts through its patented Ergomotion technology®. The special C-shaped shoulder design that follows the shoulder blade profile guarantees complete freedom of movement. In the shoes made of 3D-knit fabric with zero seams, the C-line has been integrated into the upper half, becoming a powerful ventilation system. The “UYN for BUGATTI” collection reflects Bugatti’s identity also in the choice of colors (black, white and the famous Bugatti Blue) paying homage to the Molsheim-based company’s racing heritage.

Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti, says “At Bugatti, we never stop pushing boundaries in all areas of our brand. Leading the way and setting new standards is part of our nature, which is why we are delighted to have partnered with UYN to launch the new “UYN for BUGATTI” collection. The seamless integration of technology and luxury materials into the new clothing line is synonymous with the way we craft our automotive icons. I’m very much looking forward to experiencing the products for myself, and I have no doubt many Bugatti enthusiasts are, too.”

“We are proud to have the chance to start this exciting journey together” says UYN CEO, Marco Redini. “Bugatti is a universally recognized icon of excellence and quality, but what struck me particularly is the extraordinary combination of performance with comfort. Bugatti’s hyper sports cars are not comparable to any other vehicle, not only in terms of speed and power, but also for their truly astonishing driving comfort. This philosophy is the same that underlies every UYN product, and we wanted to bring this to its highest expression in the “UYN for BUGATTI collection””.

The “UYN for BUGATTI” collection will be officially unveiled in Autumn and will be available online and in selected stores.