AREAS ready to astound at Performance Days in Munich

AREAS ready to astound at Performance Days in Munich

The future is already here. And it goes by the name of AREAS – Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sport, the high-tech research and development centre born in Asola (Mantua Province) in collaboration with Trerè Innovation with one objective: to elevate performance – of fibres, fabrics, manufacturing systems and, as a result, of athletes.

AREAS will play a key role at Performance Days, which takes place on Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 May in Munich (Germany). This is the first and largest trade show devoted to performance fabrics and the accessories used in sportswear and workwear.

Since 2008 the show has been a vital meeting point for the most qualified textile industry companies, a place where the sector’s latest trends and innovations are unveiled. 


The futuristic AREAS stand (booth P17/Hall C6) has been designed to display the latest developments in the field of functional apparel: ultra-performance materials, technology and patents that the AREAS team has designed and created, in a process of careful study and strict testing.


AREAS is the very essence of innovation: a laboratory of revolutionary ideas. A team of textile engineers, product managers and designers inform the development of new concepts down to the very last detail: from research to design and then production, which can also be carried out in partnership with Trerè Innovation.

Medical analysis of athletes’ performances and the most advanced testing on the products lead to scientific data which is crucial for us, as we strive create the future.

AREAS is proud to have the opportunity to present our innovations at Performance Days. We can’t wait to meet you at the Munich Trade Fair Centre (booth P17/Hall C6)!


Top sports and e-bike rental shop SPORT GARDENA meets Trerè Innovation

Top sports and e-bike rental shop SPORT GARDENA meets Trerè Innovation

A very pleasant visit in view of a new collaboration. On Tuesday 2nd April Oliver Stuffer and Franco Hoffmann from Sport Gardena become acquainted with the Trerè Innovation world in Asola.

Sport Gardena is among the best fashion, sports, e-bike rental and ski rental shop in Ortisei, Val Gardena (Bolzano Province, Italy). Mr Stuffer and Mr Hoffmann visited our laboratories accompanied by President Marco Redini, who showed them all the latest novelties.

Sport Gardena will become an authorized dealer of For.Bicy innovative products, specifically designed for modern urban cyclists, and of TITICI high-performance e-bikes powered by Polini motor.


Harley Davidson and Trerè Innovation announce a new range of products


Trerè Innovation and Harley Davidson, the iconic American motorcycle brand, have a long standing collaboration based on mutual esteem and respect. On Thursday 28th February we received in Asola the very welcome visit of Karen Davidson, Harley Davidson’s Creative Director and the great-granddaughter of Harley Davidson’s co-founder William A. Davidson

The occasion was the development of a new range of motorcycle clothing for men and ladies – especially for the Harley Davidson lovers. Years of research and the most cutting- edge technologies will go into the design of new products specifically developed to meet the bikers’ needs. 

The collaboration features a new high performance base layer line characterized by the innovative UYN® technologies for breathability, wearing comfort and resistance. 

But the cooperation between Trerè Innovation and Harley Davidson will go much further with an outerwear collection including a midlayer and a softshell. Both the high quality midlayer and softshell will take advantage of the most advanced technologies and functionalities in the apparel sector developed by AREAS – Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel for Sport, the new high-tech research and development centre next to Trerè Innovation headquarters in Asola. 

History and future, experience and innovation meet: the result is revolutionary.

PRADA’s visit to Trerè featured in la Gazzetta di Mantova

PRADA’s visit to Trerè featured in la Gazzetta di Mantova

Lorenzo Bertelli’s visit to Trerè Innovation on Monday 19th February didn’t get unnoticed. Mr Bertelli is the son of Patrizio Bertelli and Miuccia Prada, owner of the Italian luxury fashion house Prada.

A picture of Bertelli’s helicopter landing in Asola, next to Trerè Innovation headquarters, featured in the local newspaper La Gazzetta di Mantova.

A new award for Trerè's Membrain115: Rossignol Ski Jacket wins the iF Design Award

A new award for Trerè's Membrain115: Rossignol Ski Jacket wins the iF Design Award

The best of style and innovation, elegance and technology. Rossignol Ski Jacket with MEMBRAIN115, a high-tech ski jacket created under a partnership between Rossignol and Trerè Innovation, has won the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD, one of the world’s most important product design awards. This is yet another acknowledgement of the outstanding qualities of Trerè’s innovative patented MEMBRAIN115 manufacturing method, coming only a few days after the presentation of the prestigious international 2019 ISPO AWARD for the Rossignol Supercorde Ski Jacket Man.

The iF DESIGN AWARD is presented every year by iF International Forum Design GmbH of Hanover (Germany), the world’s oldest independent design organization a global symbol of excellence. A jury of 67 world-famous experts examined more than 6400 products and chose to present the award in the 1.02 Sports / Outdoor category to the Rossignol Ski Jacket with MEMBRAIN115. 

According to the iF DESIGN AWARD Committee, “the Rossignol Ski Jacket presents the perfect match between form and function. In the past these types of garments always presented a compromise: the more durable, breathable and waterproof the material, the more stiff the jacket. Users had to decide: freedom of movement or better protection against the environment. The Rossignol Ski Jacket has solved this challenge by using a highly innovative material: the Membrain115 by Trere Innovation. In addition to this, the designers managed to create an elegant piece of fashion with a timeless appeal. This timeless appeal will ensure a longer life for such a high quality jacket – a thoughtful balance and a question of sustainability”.

Innovation, functionality, aesthetics, environmental and social responsibility and brand positioning are the criteria the commission took into consideration. These are precisely the features that make Rossignol Ski Jacket with MEMBRAIN115 perfect for skiers who want maximum perfor-mance without giving up style. The innovative Rossignol Ski Jacket is one of the results of Rossignol’s partnership with Trerè Innovation. The refined design of French brand Rossignol meets the most advanced technology of the Italian company Trerè Innovation, whose futuristic AREAS – Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sport research and development centre offers us a glimpse of the future of functional clothing. 

Rossignol Ski Jacket introduces an important new technological development: MEMBRAIN115, a truly innovative combination of a seamless three-dimensional fabric with an intelligent membrane. The membrane makes the fabric water resistant, transpiring, windproof and ultra strong, and above all it does not alter its outstanding elasticity and softness. The Rossignol Ski Jacket with MEMBRAIN115 is like a second skin that “thinks” and “lives” with the skier. Extremely lightweight, it moves along with the skier, and never hinders the wearer’s motions or gets in the way. After coming down the slopes, the skier’s body will still be dry and just the right temperature, thanks to the fabric’s three-dimensional structure promoting air circulation and wicking moisture away from the body.

And its unique look of urban inspiration makes Rossignol Ski Jacket perfect for a relaxing stroll after a day on the slopes, too. Style, technology and comfort: Rossignol Ski Jacket with MEMBRAIN115 is the perfect jacket for all occasions.


Treré Innovation protagonist at ISPO 2019

Treré Innovation protagonist at ISPO 2019

A whole range of novelties. Trerè Innovation will take center stage at Ispo Munich, the World’s largest trade fair for the sports business, due to be held on February 3rd-6th. At UYN® – Trerè Innovation’s innovative brand – booth (Hall B3, Booth 413), the future of functional clothing will be premiered.

At Ispo visitors could get a first impression of AREAS – Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel for Sport, our new research and development centre coming to life in Asola: a state of the art testing infrastructure. A reproduction of the AREAS laboratory will be used as a secret room where future products, materials and patents will be shown.

Innovation and technological research characterize all the new collections of UYN®, that will be displayed in Munich: from the biking and running lines UYN ACTIVYON and UYN ALPHA to WINTERSPORTS lines UYN ATHLESYON and UYN CASHMERE.

Visitors could also discover Rossignol Supercorde Ski Jacket Man with Membrain115 patent Trerè, the revolutionary garment proclaimed the winner of the prestigious ISPO Award in the category Snowsports – Hybrid Outer Layer 2L.


Visit us in Hall B3, Booth 413!


Treré Innovation wins the ISPO Award 2019 with Membrain115

Treré Innovation wins the ISPO Award 2019 with Membrain115

43 judges from 12 countries and three continents discussed all applications for the ISPO Award 2019 and selected the awardees.

We are delighted to announce that our product “Rossignol Supercorde Ski Jacket Man with Membrain115 patent TRERÉ” was voted as one of the best products in the category SNOWSPORTS > Hybrid Outer Layer 2L and was chosen as Winner in this category!

Groundbreaking ceremony of the new AREAS

Groundbreaking ceremony of the new AREAS

Groundbreaking ceremony of the new "Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel for Sport" next to Trerè Innovation HQ in Asola (Italy). 

A unique high-tech research and development centre of over 3,500 square metres, a state-of-the-art testing infrastructure that will include a climate wind tunnel, 3D body scanner and sports medicine department.

The cooperation with CERISM, the institute for Sport and Health Research of University of Verona will allow us to detect weaknesses in clothing and eliminate them, to maintain and expand our technological advantage.

Leading German trade magazines visit Trerè headquarter

Leading German trade magazines visit Trerè headquarter

What a busy week in Asola. In addition to our sales teams, three journalists of the leading German trade magazines visited Trerè headquarter in Asola.

Andreas Stowasser, chief editor of Sport+Mode, was the first visitor at the beginning of the week.

Our CEO Marco Redini was proud guiding him through the factory, including a 3-hour-intense-conversation about the history and visions of Trerè Innovation.

Andreas Stowasser was highly impressed by the diversity of our work.

The two other important journalists, that joined us on friday – Astrid Schlüchter (SportFachhandel) and Dr. Regina Henkel ( – experienced it the same way.

During their tour with Marco Redini they could get an impression of our team’s limitless spirit of innovation.

Besides, they had the possibility to see some top-secret innovations which will be presented at ISPO 2019 and during the following months.

Trerè technology impresses Philippe Starck

Trerè technology impresses Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck visited our plant in Asola and was highly impressed by our advanced technology: the French designer did not anticipate so much innovation in underwear – in our production he could convince himself of the opposite.

Philippe Starck is considered as one of the most famous designers and interior architects of our time.

During a production tour we could show him our advanced technologies, which ensure we can create innovative products that combine design with quality and unique wearing comfort.

We had a great day with you, Philippe Starck.