From Luna Rossa to Asola: Max Sirena visits UYN and TITICI


He made the Italians dream with the exploits of Luna Rossa, the super boat that last March came close to winning the 36th America's Cup. Max Sirena, Team Director and Skipper of the fantastic Italian crew, visited the headquarters of Trerè Innovation in Asola (Mantova) and the brands UYN and TITICI that supported him during the adventure in New Zealand.

After an informal lunch together with the CEO of the group, Marco Redini, Sirena had a close look at the production plant where the high-tech shoes and apparel of UYN are made, the research and development laboratory where the prototypes of the future are engineered and the showroom with the latest collections.

The visit continued among the exclusive TITICI bicycles. The Italian sailor admired the special edition models, rigorously handmade to measure in Italy, and sign the frame of his F-DB02 X LUNA ROSSA PRADA PIRELLI, the road bike made in collaboration with Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli that Sirena used for training in New Zealand during the America’s Cup.

The pleasant meeting confirmed the relationship of esteem and friendship between Max Sirena and the Trerè group, and was also an opportunity to plan new projects together for the future.

UYN and VR46 team up to create a revolutionary shoe

UYN and VR46 team up to create
 a revolutionary shoe

The cutting-edge technology of the Italian brand and the experience of VR46 come together to develop a new line of shoes – lifestyle and functional, for everyday use and urban mobility

“UYN for VR46” is the new shoe collection developed by UYN – Unleash Your Nature together with VR46, the first result of the partnership between the Italian brand of technical apparel and the VR46 Racing Apparel company, owned by Valentino Rossi. This “Made in Italy” collaboration is destined to further expand through original and innovative projects.
Creativity, talent and the search for perfection are the qualities that have accompanied Valentino since the beginning of his career and made him a beloved and globally-recognized icon: the same qualities have been transferred to the “UYN for VR46” collection resulting in unconventional shoes, sporty style and high performance. The new line includes the UYN VR|46 Pro and UYN VR|46 Casual styles and will be distributed by VR46.


The laboratories of Asola (Mantua Province, Italy), the home of the brand UYN, have been transformed into a “box” where to fine-tune of a shoe that reflects the style and attention to detail of VR46.
UYN has drawn on the know-how and advanced technologies of AREAS (Academy For Re-Search and Engineering in Apparel and Sport), the modern R&D centre of the Italian company. This original collaboration has resulted in a shoe that combines function with comfort, perfect for everyday activities but also for urban mobility.
“The collaboration with VR46 fills us with pride”, says Marco Redini, CEO of UYN. “UYN was born with a precise mission: to revolutionize the sportswear and footwear industry by offering unique products that combine performance and style, technique and aesthetics. VR46’s experience and visionary attitude have allowed us to create a truly innovative shoe collection, which perfectly embodies the values that unite the two brands”.

UYN opens its first Experience Store in Italy

UYN opens its first Experience Store in Italy

The new flagship store opened its doors in Asola (Mantua Province, Italy). An experiential space to discover natural materials and UYN technologies

Sustainability and technology

The 250 square metre space, elegant and contemporary, has been structured to offer an immersion into the UYN world and its identifying values: sustainability and technological research. Through a sensory journey, guided by explanatory graphics, customers can discover the natural raw materials and learn the production techniques that give life to the high-performance collections of the Italian brand.

It is possible to touch the castor oil seeds and bio-polymers that are at the origin of Natex yarn and compare it first-hand with traditional petroleum-derived nylon; to appreciate the difference between organic cotton (used in UYN Natural Training and To-Be lines) and non-organic cotton (chemically treated); to observe the herbs used for the natural dyeing of the garments, the fine Merino wool and eco-sustainable hemp.

The new UYN Experience Store is also a laboratory for showing the future of sportswear. Customers are given a preview of prototypes and technologies engineered by AREAS – Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sport, the Italian group’s advanced R&D centre.

A new shopping experience

The Asola shop becomes a key element in the distribution strategy of the Italian brand, an experiential store model that UYN intends to reproduce in the retail as well as in the wholesale channels, through partnerships with shops that can dedicate all or part of their display area to offer the customer a new shopping experience.

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli rides with TITICI

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli rides with TITICI: a limited edition bike dedicated to the Challenger of Record for the 36th America’s Cup presented by PRADA

The Italian brand presents F-DB02 x Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, a special model created in three unique pieces for Max Sirena, James Spithill and Francesco Bruni. Spithill and Bruni's bikes will be auctioned off to support One Ocean Foundation’s project “No plastic in the Ocean"

Crafting the perfect bike is a matter of technology and passion, performance and attention to detail: just like creating the winning boat. The excellence of cycling and sailing meet in the exclusive F-DB02 x LUNA ROSSA PRADA PIRELLI, the high performance bike created by TITICI for the prestigious sailing team, Challenger of Record for the 36th America’s Cup presented by PRADA.

The F-DB02 x LUNA ROSSA PRADA PIRELLI model has been produced entirely in Italy in three unique pieces, handmade to measure for team director and skipper Max Sirena and helmsmen James Spithill and Francesco Bruni. The three champions will ride the bike, embellished with their signatures on the frame, during their training in Auckland (New Zealand). TITICI’s technology and innovation support the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team in its mission: to bring the oldest sport trophy in the world to Italy for the first time.

Performance and comfort Made in Italy

Light, essential and elegant, the TITICI F-DB02 x LUNA ROSSA PRADA PIRELLI model represents the highest synthesis of performance and comfort. The high-end carbon frame features the thinnest top tube in the world, just 8 millimetres – a technology patented by TITICI (Plate Absorber Technology) that allows the F-DB02 frame to absorb up to 18% more vibrations than standard frames, without compromising the high torsional stiffness. Each model is tailor-made to become a natural extension of the rider and complemented by Pirelli P ZERO™ tyres to give Sirena, Bruni and Spithill maximum performance for their rides.

Spithill and Bruni’s bikes up for auction on CharityStars

TITICI and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli have chosen to auction two of the three F-DB02 x LUNA ROSSA PRADA PIRELLI bikes. Starting from Friday 22 January until Monday 22 February, collectors and enthusiasts will have the chance to buy James Spithill’s or Francesco Bruni’s bike through CharityStars platform.

The proceeds will support the project “No Plastic in the Ocean” promoted by One Ocean Foundation. Every euro raised will contribute to the collection of 2 kg of plastic waste that threatens the coasts of the Pacific Ocean. In collaboration with local organisations, such as Plastic Bank, the waste will be collected and reintroduced into the global manufacturing supply chain, thus encouraging the development of a local circular economy.

TITICI and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli joined this project motivated by their sensitivity towards the serious problem of plastic litter. Plastic pollution is unfortunately present in all the seas of the world, it closely affects the activities of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli and the Italian group Trerè Innovation, owner of the TITICI brand. For years Trerè Innovation has been promoting a sustainable production system that respects the seas and the environment.

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Trerè Innovation is the new licensee for Franklin & Marshall underwear, socks and loungewear

Trerè Innovation is the new licensee for Franklin & Marshall underwear, socks and loungewear

Trerè Innovation is the new licensee for underwear, socks and loungewear under the label of Franklin & Marshall, the iconic Italian clothing brand inspired by American college style and sportswear.

The licensing agreement, lasting three years (until 2022), provides for the exclusive production and worldwide distribution of the new products. Trerè Innovation, through its innovative research and development department AREAS (Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sport), is able to offer a comprehensive service which includes product design, packaging development, as well as strategies for distribution and promotion for international points of sale. The new socks, underwear and loungewear collections will be available in shops worldwide starting from January 2021.

Constant growth

The partnership with Franklin & Marshall proves to be a new important success for Trerè Innovation and is part of a strategy of constant expansion. The Italian group based in Asola (Mantua) has over 50 years of experience and an international network of 800 employees that make it a global reference point for the production and distribution of high-end clothing – a role witnessed by hundreds of registered patents and over 570 awards for innovation, design and sustainability. Already partners of prestigious fashion and sportswear brands, Trerè Innovation’s portfolio of licenses also includes the brands Jeep and Replay Underwear. The company led by CEO Marco Redini acquired the TITICI bike brand in 2018 and launched in the autumn of the same year its proprietary brand UYN – Unleash Your Nature, specialized in high-tech apparel and shoes, thus confirming its growth trend.

“The agreement with Franklin & Marshall strengthens our leading position in the international market for the production and distribution of socks and underwear and represents an important opportunity for growth”, Marco Redini’s comment. “In 2021 we expect to exceed the 100 million turnover target and we look to the future with great confidence, despite the difficulties generated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Such a prestigious partnership rewards the philosophy that has characterized Trerè In-novation for decades – to create innovative and high-quality products”.

UYN shoes win the German Innovation Award 2020

UYN shoes win the German Innovation Award 2020

When we designed the UYN shoes we wanted them to be a revolutionary product. We created them thanks to an exclusive manufacturing technique, with sophisticated technologies and the attention to the environment that always sets us apart. This is why we are proud to have won the German Innovation Award 2020 with our first shoe collection for innovation, sustainability and “unrivalled wearing comfort”.

The jury’s verdict

“The very latest high-tech processes are used to manufacture UYN shoes. The result is a completely innovative, highly functional, and above all custom fit shoe that promises unrivalled wearing comfort. It is also very long lasting thanks to the materials used, like ecological felt and merino wool, as well as the fact that no waste is created from its manufacture”.

The award

The German Innovation Award has been awarded since 2018 by the German Design Council with the aim of honouring products that distinguish themselves primarily by their user centricity and added value compared to earlier solutions across all industrial sectors.

UYN wins the Red Dot Award

UYN wins the Red Dot Award

We are proud to announce that our brand UYN – Unleash Your Nature has won the Red Dot Award in the Brands & Communication Design 2020 category.

Red Dot represents one of the world’s largest design competitions. Since 1995 has been the revered international seals of outstanding design quality. This year an international jury of 24 experts evaluated 6,992 entries from 50 countries. In line with the motto “In search of good design and creativity”, the jurors awarded only those projects that stood out for their high design quality and creative achievement.

The Red Dot rewards the innovation of UYN: the values that we tirelessly promote every day, the clear identity that makes us different from everyone else. UYN combines technology, style and sustainability in a revolutionary way to give everyone the opportunity to freely express their nature. In less than two years, this vision that has led us not only to consolidate the presence of the UYN brand on international markets, but to be recognized among the world’s best sportswear brands. The Red Dot Award certifies the constant commitment to offer to the customers the best for their needs.

The President of Bugatti Stephan Winkelmann visits Trerè Innovation

The President of Bugatti Stephan Winkelmann visits Trerè Innovation

With great pleasure Trerè Innovation welcomed the visit to Asola of Stephan Winkelmann, president of Bugatti Automobiles, and his team. The Bugatti brand represents the excellence in the automotive world. Bugatti supercars are worldwide objects of desire, symbols of refinement, exclusivity and unparalleled performance.

Driven by the same values of innovation and pursuit of perfection, Trerè and Bugatti look ahead to the future together in a relationship of deep respect and mutual collaboration.

Handelsblatt interviews CEO Marco Redini: "The sneakers revolution”

Handelsblatt interviews CEO Marco Redini: "The sneakers revolution”

The prestigious German-language business newspaper Handelsblatt dedicated a long and detailed article in its online edition to the future projects and the steady growth of the Trerè Innovation group.

In the interview with journalist Joachim Hofer, our CEO Marco Redini announced the launch on the market of the first UYN shoe collection, which has already been defined “the sneakers revolution”. “Just as Adi Dassler once set out in Herzogenaurach to turn the world of sport upside down with his Adidas football shoes, Redini now wants to revolutionise the industry with knitted sneakers”, says the article.

Despite the difficulties in the global economy caused in recent months by the Coronavirus pandemic, Trerè Innovation has not stopped its development plans, which include – among the other projects – the expansion of the TITICI bikes brand, the opening of new UYN pop-up stores in major European cities and the inauguration of the AREAS academy, to attract young talents from all over the world and introduce them to the Trerè Innovation world.

The full interview is available on Handelsblatt website (in German only).

Coronavirus emergency: Trerè Innovation donates 8000 masks to the Asola community

Coronavirus emergency: Trerè Innovation donates 8000 masks to the Asola community

Local community is the lifeblood a company. The Trerè Innovation Group has grown over the years to take on its current international dimension, but we have remained proud of our roots in the Asola (Mantua) area and have always identified contributing to improving the lives of the area’s citizens as our mission. At this time of emergency, the company has chosen to do our bit by taking very special initiatives. The manufacturing department has been converted – in record time – to be able to produce washable and reusable fabric face masks. The first 8000 were donated to the Asola community, to help fight the spread of Covid-19.

The masks come in adult and kids sizes and were delivered by CEO Marco Redini to Asola’s Civil Protection Service, which was then able to distribute them to inhabitants. Trerè Innovation’s experience and nature led us to create a high-quality product. It’s made using breathable, hypoallergenic 3D fabric, which can be washed at 60° to remove pathogens.

Redini: “Our mask is the product of our local community’s creativity and professionalism”

“Masks have become a part of daily life,” said CEO Redini. “They’re an indispensable way of limiting the spread of coronavirus but also for regaining confidence in our relations with those around us.” In just three weeks, we have been able to design, test and produce a completely new product. Our mask is the product of the skill and professionalism of everyone working at Trerè Innovation, from designers to manufacturing engineers, who mostly come from Asola and the neighbouring areas. If you look at it that way, the mask represents the creativity of the area and we couldn’t but donate the first models produced to the community that brought them to life.”

Local charitable organisations receive support from the Redini family

At times when the pandemic was at its worst, the Trerè Innovation Group rolled out other initiatives for tackling the emergency. The company contributed to the purchase of a ventilator for the hospital in Asola, equipment that has helped treat Covid-19 patients and save human lives. Alongside the “Il Ponte della solidarietà” (or Solidarity Bridge) Foundation, the Redini family donated funds to the Asola Care Home, as well as 400 masks to the Shalom Community in Palazzolo sull’Oglio (Brescia). They provided funds for local charity projects and supported missionary initiatives in Malawi, Ethiopia, Burundi, Ghana and Cambodia, in communities struck by the coronavirus. The support given totalled around 60,000 euros.