Trerè’s excellence in global design recognised again: UYN wins two iF Awards

Trerè’s excellence in global design recognised again: UYN wins two iF Awards

We are proud to announce that Trerè Innovation has been awarded two iF Design Awards, one for the UYN Alpha Biking Twinjet cycling bibs and the other for the UYN Soccer Socks. The iF Design Award has been the undisputed judge of innovation and excellence in the field of design for 67 years. Bearing the logo isn’t just about winning one of the world’s most prestigious awards; it’s also about being part of an elite set of companies that are making an impact on people’s lives and improving experiences with revolutionary services.

The iF International Forum Design GmbH gives out the Award on a yearly basis. Headquartered in Hannover, Germany, it’s the world’s oldest independent body in the field of design. In total, 7,298 candidates from 56 countries were submitted to the panel of 78 experts and among the winners chosen for the sport products category were two UYN products. Trerè also received significant recognition for our work in 2019, with the innovative Membrain115 material, used to make the Rossignol Ski Jacket.

Alpha Biking Bibs with Twinjet ventilation technology

The Alpha Biking bibs with Twinjet chamois have Trerè’s patented ventilation system built into them. Employing the same principle on which a twin-engine jet functions (taking in air at the front and expelling it at the back), the Twinjet chamois allows air in through a special opening at the front. A system of micro-conductors in the central section then allows the air to circulate and generates a cooling effect, while moisture is wicked through two openings at the back of the shorts. The result is a net reduction in excess sweat and so less irritation in sensitive areas that come into contact with the saddle.

Soccer socks with shin guard housing

With over half a century of professional experience, Trerè Innovation tops the field when it comes to technical sock production and distribution. The latest release comes in the form of socks for football, which have shin guard housing built into their structure. The housing holds the shin guards in the correct position throughout a match or training session, without the need for often ineffective tricks using tape or bands. Their ergonomic design, the silicone inserts on the insole and the shock absorption system ensure excellent comfort, stability and control for footballers.

iF Design Award winners to be showcased in Berlin from 2 to 10 May

The Alpha Biking bibs and soccer socks will be shown, alongside the other successful candidates, at the iF Design exhibition in Berlin, one of Europe’s most important design capitals. The exhibition is scheduled to take place from 2 to 10 May in the legendary Cafe Moskau, an architectural and historical symbol of the city.

You can find information about the winning products on the iF Design Award website.
– For the Alpha Biking Twinjet bibs
– For the UYN Soccer Socks

French President Macron wears Rossignol Supercorde jacket with Trerè’s Membrain115

French President Macron wears Rossignol Supercorde jacket with Trerè’s Membrain115

Emmanuel Macron was spotted wearing Rossignol Supercorde jacket with Trerè’s Membrain115 during a visit to Chamonix on February 13th. The President of France visited the famous Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice) glacier, located in the Mont Blanc massif, announcing the creation of a protected nature reserve around Mont Blanc.

The award-winning Rossignol Supercorde jacket in one of the results of Rossignol’s partnership with Trerè Innovation. The refined design of the French brand Rossignol meets the advanced technology of the Italian company Trerè Innovation to create a high-end jacket perfect for all occasions.

Rossignol Supercorde Jacket features Trerè’s patented MEMBRAIN115 material, a truly innovative combination of three dimensional knitted fabric with an intelligent membrane. The membrane makes the knitted structure water-resistant, windproof, transpiring and ultra-strong without altering its outstanding elasticity and softness. The result is a jacket that offers the utmost freedom of movement, optimum wearability and perfect thermoregulation.

New Trerè Releases at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Denver

New Trerè Releases at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Denver

Trerè Innovation will be in the spotlight at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, the largest trade event for outdoor and snow sports taking place in Denver, Colorado (USA) from 29 to 31 January.

At our stand (31039-UL), Trerè will be presenting the winter 2020/21 collections from the UYN brand, featuring the incredibly innovative technologies and materials that our group’s modern laboratory AREAS, the Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sport, has developed.

At the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, you’ll have the chance to discover the first shoe collection Trerè has ever made: they’re 100% Made in Italy and entirely eco-sustainable; they’re both elastic and flexible to provide you with the utmost freedom of movement. Also in the spotlight, you’ll find ski jackets, mid-layers and pants from the new UYN skiwear collection.

And finally, the Denver show is our chance to announce new, exciting partnerships. We look forward to meeting you in person!

Trerè celebrates two ISPO Gold Awards

Trerè celebrates two ISPO Gold Awards

We are extremely proud to announce that Trerè Innovation has won two highly coveted ISPO Awards with our revolutionary UYN X-Cross Tune shoes and UYN Energyon technical base layer.

ISPO is the largest international network devoted to the world of sport. ISPO Award represents the highest stamp of recognition for sportswear items and an important indication for consumers. This year, the awards have been assigned by an independent panel of 42 experts assessing each product for sustainability, innovation, design and function.

The UYN X-Cross Tune shoes earned the most votes in the category Fitness & Team Sports > Footwear, and so were named Gold Winner. The Energyon technical base layer also earned the highest level of recognition, this time in the Running > Base Layer category.

UYN X-Cross Tune is the first fully knitted shoes that’s both flexible and stable thanks to an innovative manufacturing technique. This shoe is Made in Italy and entirely eco-sustainable as it is composed of pure Merino wool in its inner layer, recycled polyamide and materials derived from sugar cane. Ultra-lightweight, naturally temperature-regulating and water-resistant the X-Cross Tune gifts its wearer with maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Energyon is the lightest base ever made by Trerè, the first to feature Flowtunnels technology, which combines holes with 3D channels to create a constant air flow on the skin. The long-sleeve version, which won the ISPO Award, is perfect for high-intensity activities that also require better thermal protection around the arms.

New releases at ISPO Munich: 26-29 January

Trerè Innovation will take center stage at ISPO fair in Munich from 26 to 29 January, the largest sportswear gathering in the world. At UYN stand (Hall B3, 502/504) visitors will have the opportunity to discover UYN new releases for FW2020/21 and the latest technologies developed by AREAS – Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sport.

The new “UYN for Luis Trenker” shoe is launched

The new “UYN for Luis Trenker” shoe is launched

Trerè Innovation technology meets the smart alpine style of Luis Trenker in an original collaborative project. This project – entirely “Made in Italy” – between our Asola-based company and the Luis Trenker brand from Alto Adige has brought about the “UYN for Luis Trenker” shoe, officially previewed at Pitti Uomo 97.

Trerè Innovation marked our momentous entry into the world of footwear with the production of our first UYN-branded sneaker collection – and it’s already been a success. By introducing an innovative production technique, we have crafted shoes from a single piece of knitted fabric, with a modular structure that simultaneously provides elasticity and stability. It has peaked the interest of so many fashion brands who seek the latest market trends.

As such, our partnership with Luis Trenker – a brand symbolic of the fashion world and alpine lifestyle – is the source of huge pride here at the Trerè Group. The “UYN for Luis Trenker” shoe meets the brand’s aesthetic codes, marrying them with Trerè’s cutting-edge technologies and obsessive research into the best materials for securing performance and eco-sustainability. The body of each shoe is made from wool (the inside layer) and recycled polyamide, while the insole is composed of materials derived from sugar cane.

The result? A natural, lightweight, breathable shoe with all the comfort and unmistakeable style of Luis Trenker.

Trerè wins the Good Design Award with UYN Fusyon Cashmere Shiny

Trerè wins the Good Design Award with UYN Fusyon Cashmere Shiny

Trerè Innovation celebrates another international award with its own brand UYN – Unleash Your Nature. Fusyon Cashmere Shiny has won the coveted Good Design Award, the oldest and the most prestigious Awards Program organized worldwide.

With an innovative combination of luxury and performance, technique and nature, this UYN functional base layer has been named one of the best design products in the world. Trerè joins a select group of companies that have “successfully undertaken the design challenge to produce the best and most outstanding design products across the globe to our large and expanding global consumers”, according to Christian Narkiewicz-Laine, President of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum.

The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design first issued the Good Design Award in 1950 and continues to give it out every year in partnership with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. A panel of specialists in the field selects the best design products from all over the world. The Good Design Award has been setting standards for excellence in design, functional performance and sustainability for 70 years.

Trerè Innovation’s “Committed to a Greener World” project wins the “Social Ethics” Award

Trerè Innovation’s “Committed to a Greener World” project wins the “Social Ethics” Award

This leading Italian sportswear company’s commitment to helping the environment and sustainability won us the prestigious Plana Cultural Association prize in Milan

 “Committed to a Greener World”, one that’s better and more sustainable for those living here now and for future generations. These values have always been the inspiration behind company culture at Trerè Innovation, the leading global Italian group that produces functional and highly technical kit under the brand UYN – Unleash Your Nature, and are translated into concrete environmental protection and social awareness projects. It’s this continuous, all-round effort that has received the prestigious “Etica nel Sociale” Award for Corporate Ethics from the Plana Cultural Association, supported by the Milan municipality, the Metropolitan City of Milan, ADI (Italian Industrial Design Association) and the Symbola Foundation. The “Etico Ethical Award” Prize-giving ceremony took place on Thursday 21 November at Milan’s Palazzo Reale.

A global voice for ethical values

The purpose of the awards is to recognise the merits of those who work to benefit humankind by pushing ethical practice in every area of their business. The board of experts and authorities decided to award Trerè Innovation on account of the following:

The utmost attention the company devotes to people’s needs is central to its manufacturing. The highly technical materials, each one designed and tested for its specific intended use, are how the company achieves its goal of offering the user or wearer maximum comfort. With a team specialised in implementing increasingly sustainable measures and the slogan ‘Committed to a greener world’, Trerè Innovation has become a global voice for ethical values, continuous research into innovation and the pride of bearing the Made in Italy merchandising mark.

Committed to a Greener World: on a mission to save the environment 

For over 30 years, Trerè Innovation has managed to stand out in its field on account of the innovation and research we do into sportswear. From initial ideas to the final product, the goal is to create revolutionary items, that can improve performance and comfort during sports, but that also have a reduced impact on the environment thanks to the use of natural materials and cutting-edge manufacturing methods. That’s why, in 2016, Trerè Innovation became one of the first companies in Europe to obtain the important SteP (Sustainable Textile Production) by Oeko-Tex® certification, the most renowned guarantee of fully sustainable textile manufacturing processes. But Trerè Innovation wanted to go further than just meeting international standards – even the strictest ones – and so launched the “Committed to a Greener World” project. A team working under an environmental engineer identified the most pressing emergencies threatening the future of our planet: the dispersion of microplastics into water, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, the production of waste. The team then monitored Trerè Innovation’s contribution to resolving these issues.


Environmental performance 

At our headquarters in Asola, in Italy’s Mantua province, we have special filters that can trap up to 425,000 microplastic fibres every day. This stops those fibres, released during manufacturing processes, from being dispersed into water and so from posing a threat to the marine ecosystem and to human health. Over a year, that adds up to 100 million plastic fragments in our oceans, the equivalent of a thread 400 km in length. We’re also currently developing a special treatment for textile products that will be able to reduce the release of microplastic fibres during garment washing by 20%.

Since 2019, 100% of the energy that we consume at our manufacturing centre in Asola comes from renewable resources. This has allowed us to even further reduce our CO2 emissions – a major cause of global warming. We estimate a reduction of 410 tonnes of CO2 in 2019, that’s equal to a car travelling around the world 66 times. Initiatives for reusing waste materials have led to a total annual recycling rate of 110 tonnes of waste material (from paper and wood to plastic and textile fibres), thus favouring a circular economy.

You can check how the “Committed to a Greener World” project is doing by visiting or The project logo will be on all packaging for all UYN – Unleash Your Nature products, as proof of Trerè Innovation’s commitment to a greener and more sustainable world. Not just a promise or mission: the most important promise, the most important mission.

Trerè Innovation strengthening our presence in Spain: Amador Cobo becomes the new UYN and TITICI brand agent.

Trerè Innovation strengthening our presence in Spain: Amador Cobo becomes the new UYN and TITICI brand agent

The Trerè Innovation Group is continuing our expansion throughout Europe. This Italian company, producing functional apparel and high-performance bike frames, has chosen Amador Cobo, owner of the company Dreamers with Luck, as our new brand agent in Spain. This strategic presence has allowed us to strengthen our commercial capacity in that country. The new agent has a great deal of experience in the sector, enabling us to increase the spread of our UYN – Unleash Your Nature and TITICI brands into specialist stores. This means we can offer a quality support service to our customers, while boosting the company’s image with brand awareness initiatives.

From our technology hub in Asola, we’ve cast a global network

It is with this determination that Trerè Innovation has bolstered our business within the incredibly important market that is Spain. It marks another waypoint in our international growth and development plan. As well as in Italy and in Spain, the group has a global presence, with our commercial network reaching Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Norway, Sweden, the US, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland and Japan.

For over 30 years, Trerè Innovation has been a leading company in the development, production and distribution of high-tech socks, underwear and clothing. From creative ideas to finished products, over the years Trerè Innovation has developed production methods that are defined by their exceptionally high quality standards and a constant drive to innovate. Our hub in Asola, in Italy’s Mantua province, covers a space of 100,000 m2 and includes AREAS – Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sport, a highly advanced lab for performing scientific testing on our products and sports diagnostics. Since July 2019, the Trerè Innovation HQ has also been home to TITICI’s offices and interactive showroom, and a new production line is currently under development which will allow the brand to meet the growing demand for hand-made carbon frames.

AREAS at Performance Days Munich with Membrain115 - Made in recycled polyester

AREAS at Performance Days Munich with Membrain115 - Made in recycled polyester

Research, tests, innovation, all devoting attention to the minutest detail, all with a focus on sustainability. This is the vision of the future at Trerè Innovation’s AREAS – Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sport. The Centre studies and develops high-tech solutions and we’re bringing this perspective with us to Performance Days – Functional Fabric Fair. It’s taking place at the Munich Exhibition Centre on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 November (booth P17/hall C1). In addition to showing off our technology and the materials we use, we’ll be putting some new releases in the spotlight. Specifically, you’ll see Membrain115 which is made using polyester recycled from plastic bottles to create a sustainable fabric that aligns not only with the show’s main theme but also with our company philosophy.

Having attended the Munich Performance Days at the beginning of May and the Portland Performance Days at the end of October, this Italian company is set to return to the Bavarian capital for this huge functional fabrics exhibition. 290 high-quality exhibitors will be there, hailing from around 30 countries. It’s therefore a crucial date for Trerè Innovation and for our technical products. We have carried out years of research and hours of tests, in lab and in the field, with one sole objective: to always strive for excellence.


The Membrain115 is a multi-award-winning technology. It was used in the men’s Rossignol Supercorde Ski Jacket, which won the ISPO Award 2019 for best product in the Snowsport category. We’re announcing an incredible new detail: now the membrane is made using polyester recycled from plastic bottles. Breathable, windproof and extremely durable, when applied to knitted fabric the Membrain115 is exceedingly flexible and can adapt perfectly to the elastic movements of the fabric. Combined with reduced stitching, Membrain115 sets totally new standards in terms of elasticity and comfort, which means incredible freedom of movement while also supporting an athlete’s movements and guaranteeing accurate body temperature control.


Trerè Innovation was one of the first companies in Europe to obtain the important SteP (Sustainable Text Production) by Oeko-Tex® certification, which guarantees that all our textile manufacturing processes are sustainable. Reducing our impact on the environment is one of our main goals. 100% of the energy we use is derived from renewable sources, allowing us to further reduce CO2 emissions. As a result, we saved 410 tonnes in 2019. What’s more, every year we recycle 110 tonnes of waste material, from paper and wood to plastic and textile fibres, thus driving a circular economy.