The quality, the know-how and the consolidated network of contacts that distinguish Trerè Innovation, has gained the trust of important international companies that rely on our capability for the production of their clothing.


The brand leader in the creation of off-road vehicles and icon for a large number of drivers and explorers. This philosophy is re-proposed in the collection created by Trerè Innovation, which holds the official license for the production and distribution of the brand. T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants, socks and underwear: the whole line is designed for those who love hiking and have a dynamic life. For the people who seek more performance Trerè has created the new line Jeep extreme performance that has an extra gear and a more technical aptitude.


The Italian brand owned by the Fashion Box Industrial Group has chosen us for the production and worldwide distribution in more than 20,000 points of sale of socks and underwear.


Our philosophy of innovation and high-quality products has led the iconic French car manufacturer Citroën to grant us the license for the production and worldwide distribution of their lifestyle clothing.


The world-famous designer whose ingenious insights revolutionised fashion in the 1990’s with an avant-garde style inspired by the space age. He launched geometric shapes, pioneering the spread of unisex fashion.
A multifaceted and enterprising genius: fashion, design, art, catering, perfumes and much more, Cardin more than any other designer was able to apply his name to many fields.
The Pierre Cardin brand has chosen Trerè Innovation for its innovative ability to reproduce this unmistakable style.