Greenhouse gases are naturally present in the atmosphere and act like a glass ceiling: they let sunlight pass, but prevent heat from escaping to outer space. Without greenhouse gases, our planet would be too cold and inhospitable. In other words, greenhouse gases are essential to life on earth.

The problem is that human activity has disturbed this natural balance, causing a sharp rise in CO2 levels that has led to global warming and profound climate change. If we do not act now, climatologists say that the average temperature on Earth will rise by 2° by 2052 with catastrophic consequences.


In order to fight global warming, we are committed to eliminating fossil fuels. The energy we use in our production processes comes only from renewable sources.
This allows us to minimise CO2 emissions. We have calculated that in one year we save 410 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of a car circumnavigating the world 66 times (2.7 million km).”