Being ‘sustainable’ is a goal that involves the whole company: a constant and specific effort of each person. At Trerè Innovation, every employee has embraced the company’s mission and shares the goals. But there is a team of people, in particular, who are dedicated to making the company more and more sustainable: not only in the production systems, but in every moment of the business in general.

This team is managed by an environmental engineer each day studying new ways of reducing our impact on the environment to a minimum.

Science advances, technology evolves, our knowledge in the field of sustainability also increases: we cannot lag behind!

Protecting the planet means safeguarding the elements of which it is composed: our water, our air, our land. In every one of these areas, we have achieved significant results. And we’ve measured them, in order to set ourselves even more ambitious targets. Building a greener future isn’t a race – but we strive for first place in everything.