The innovation and sustainability of AREAS at Performance Days, Portland

Eye on the target, looking ahead to the future. AREAS – Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sport, Trerè Innovation’s centre for research and development into high-tech solutions, has a new goal: we’re bringing our innovation and the attention we pay to sustainability to “Performance Days – Functional Fabric Fair” in Portland (Oregon – USA). After having attended the Munich Performance Days (8-9 May), this Italian company is now flying to the land of stars and stripes for this event on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 October.

So keep an eye out for the high performance, innovation and revolutionary ideas that will mark out the AREAS (stand 817) at Performance Days, the largest trade show dedicated to high-performance fabrics and accessories in sports and work wear.

A shared journey: a future that supports the environment

At Portland’s “Functional Fabric Fair”, launched in 2008 as the first and only event set up specifically for functional textiles, one of the key themes will be sustainability in the textile industry (the organisers are committed, in partnership with “Trees for the Future”, to planting 10 trees for every registered attendee). Trerè Innovation’s AREAS shares this as priority. Through our “Committed to a Greener World” project, we have committed not only to developing functional wear but also doing so with full respect for the environment and communities around us.

Trerè Innovation was one of the first companies in Europe to obtain the important SteP (Sustainable Text Production) by Oeko-Tex® certification, which guarantees that all our textile manufacturing processes are sustainable. We have a team whose daily work is devoted to finding new ways to reduce environmental impact to new lows. At our Asola HQ, we have special filters that can catch 100 million microplastic fibres every year, to prevent them being dispersed into our waters and so safeguard the health of our seas. We use energy that is 100% derived from renewable sources. This has allowed us to further reduce our CO2 emissions and so in 2019 we saved 410 tonnes. We recycle 110 tonnes of waste paper and card, plastic, wood, and textile fibres every year, encouraging a circular economy.

Today’s dreams; tomorrow’s reality

At AREAS, medical analysis of athletes’ performances plus the most advanced tests on products provide us with crucial scientific data. At the stand of our Mantuan research centre (Stand  817), you’ll find the latest developments in the field of functional wear: ultra-performance materials, technology and patents that the AREAS team has designed and created, all as part of careful studies and rigorous testing.