Technology and tailoring
Made in Italy.

In 2017 Trerè Innovation acquired TITICI: a company based in Mantua, specialized in the production of high-end wrapped carbon bike frames, handmade in Italy since 1961.
A distinctive feature of all TITICI bikes is the “PAT” technology (Plate Absorber Technology), which results in a horizontal tube 8mm thin in the area of conjunction with the seat pillar.
This particular shape allows to absorb the roughness of the ground giving more comfort, with in terms of responsiveness thanks to the great torsional and lateral stiffness of the frame.
This peculiarity has led Trerè Innovation to believe in Titici, investing several million euros right from the start.



The acquisition has been followed by a careful and meticulous process of rebranding together with the redesign and launch of new TITICI models.

The shape and the lightness of the frames is combined with the right stiffness, strength and balance, to offer responsiveness, comfort and a unique riding feeling.

Titici means sartorial quality and innovation. Recognized everywhere.


The creation of a TITICI frame is the result of a long handcraft process,
100% handmade in Italy.
In the laboratory, every single part can be tailored
to add personality to the bike:
Measurements, components, colors, everything can be customized..

Comparative tests conducted by the University of Parma have shown that the Flexy frame with P.A.T. technology absorbs up to 18% more vibrations than a standard frame.
The energy generated by rough terrain is dissipated so that it has no effect on the cyclist’s hands or back.

A new era
for this company.

Trerè Innovation has invested to build a headquarters of over 3500 square meters in which to move the entire production.

The new headquarter will accommodate an exclusive showroom of 600 square meters where you can try the latest TITICI creations.

But there is more to add: in the new headquarters, in Via Modena 18 in Asola, Trerè Innovation is building a Titici Park which will cover over 130,000 square meters: a huge Trackfield of over 22km that will allow consumers to test their bikes on a hybrid course composed of Pump Track and Rock Garden to reproduce various ground conditions and different slopes.

This is going to be the largest Park in Italy. No one before has ever gone so far.




Made in Italy
for real.

Everything that TITICI produces revolves around the dreams of people looking for unique products, marked by their performing skills, while also being comfortable.
Our ambition is to translate these dreams into reality. To overcome them is our ideal.
It is exactly this philosophy of tailoring combined with performances, with an emphasis on comfort, which made Marco Redini, CEO of Trerè Innovation, fall in love with it.



TITICI produces the best carbon fibers on the market and through customized geometries makes its bikes functionally perfect.

Thanks to this approach, the company could accomplish multiple technological achievements and file several patents, proving its technological dominance in the field.



The frames are designed and assembled by hand in the Titici Hub in Asola, Mantua.

Nothing here is left to chance: every single Titici bike is the result of obsessive care, high quality construction and cutting-edge technology.
All with an unmistakably Italian taste in terms of style and aesthetic refinement.