Trerè even greener with innovative roof that reduces pollution

The Italian company has equipped its logistics hub in Asola (Mantua, Italy) with an innovative roofing membrane that captures and contributes to eliminate part of the polluting substances in the air.

Adopting an effective Green Strategy means choosing sustainable solutions in all areas that involve a company: from the choice of materials to the production chain, up to ordinary and extraordinary management. And it is precisely in this last aspect that Treré Innovation has decided to add a further brick to its strategy. During the maintenance work carried out in its logistics hub, the company decided to use a special NOₓ-Active membrane that according to European HQE (High Environmental Quality) criteria is effective in cleaning the air from Nitrogen Oxides (NOₓ), polluting substances whose main sources of emissions are road transport, industry, and the energy production sector.

Laboratories of major national centers such as the French National Research Council (CNRS) and National Research Council (CNR) have demonstrated that the NOₓ-Active membrane contains elements with photocatalysis depolluting properties able to capture NOₓ and under the effect of sunlight decompose it into by-products that are then eliminated by rainwater runoff.

The choice of using this innovative roofing membrane goes in the direction of the ambitious goal from Trerè Innovation of creating a zero-impact production site where energy production is already 100% sustainable and where the entire amount of textile waste is already recovered. The results communicated by the manufacturer state that over a year, 10,00 m2 of NOₓ-Active roofing is capable of neutralizing the same amount of pollution generated by 10 diesel vehicles traveling 20,000 km per year or 31 gasoline vehicles traveling 20,000 km per year.