Sustainability: Trerè Innovation’s most important value

Trerè Innovation has always operated with one goal in mind: to help make the world a better place. Of course, we aim to achieve this by creating innovative products and by harnessing ours years of experience, while putting cutting-edge technologies at the service of people; but also sustainability is our guiding light at all times. Respecting the environment and social responsibility are matters of the utmost importance.


A leading company in the tech-textile apparel sector, based in Asola in Italy’s Mantua Province, the company was among the first in Europe to obtain SteP (Sustainable Textile Production) certification by Oeko-Tex®, guaranteeing sustainability in all their textile processes. The extremely high standards required under the certification mean few companies can boast such qualification. Trerè Innovation jumped the gun and, by 2016, had already secured a level 3 certificate – the maximum score possible. There is an officer at the company working exclusively overseeing and enhancing sustainability.

The next goal goes by the name of Made in Green by Oeko-Tex® and is the highest level of certification. The company has already ring-fenced half a million euros for ensuring that all manufacturing sites and suppliers are compliant with Oeko-Tex requirements: by 2022, the goal of having a “total green” supply chain will have been attained.


In March 2019, Trerè Innovation announced that it had attained a new goal: the age of fossil fuels is over. Energy used at the company is 100% derived from renewable resources, whether purchased or self-generated. The existing solar installation will be strengthened, allowing AREAS – the new high-tech R&D centre, which is at the final stages of completion – to be run entirely on self-generated power.


Everything at Trerè Innovation is eco-friendly. Waste disposal is managed in accordance with the strictest procedures: all textile waste resulting from manufacturing is recycled, as is paper. When it comes to packaging, 74% uses recycled materials, while all product packaging is FSC®-certified, meaning it comes from sustainable managed forests. 

Being eco-friendly also means making goods that protect the environment. Trerè Innovation not only prioritises the use of natural fibres but it also uses the most advanced technology for making its high-performance textiles durable, reducing pilling. The threading and fluff balls that form on garments are, in fact, one of the causes polluting our oceans.