Trerè Innovation’s “Committed to a Greener World” project wins the “Social Ethics” Award

This leading Italian sportswear company’s commitment to helping the environment and sustainability won us the prestigious Plana Cultural Association prize in Milan

 “Committed to a Greener World”, one that’s better and more sustainable for those living here now and for future generations. These values have always been the inspiration behind company culture at Trerè Innovation, the leading global Italian group that produces functional and highly technical kit under the brand UYN – Unleash Your Nature, and are translated into concrete environmental protection and social awareness projects. It’s this continuous, all-round effort that has received the prestigious “Etica nel Sociale” Award for Corporate Ethics from the Plana Cultural Association, supported by the Milan municipality, the Metropolitan City of Milan, ADI (Italian Industrial Design Association) and the Symbola Foundation. The “Etico Ethical Award” Prize-giving ceremony took place on Thursday 21 November at Milan’s Palazzo Reale.

A global voice for ethical values

The purpose of the awards is to recognise the merits of those who work to benefit humankind by pushing ethical practice in every area of their business. The board of experts and authorities decided to award Trerè Innovation on account of the following:

The utmost attention the company devotes to people’s needs is central to its manufacturing. The highly technical materials, each one designed and tested for its specific intended use, are how the company achieves its goal of offering the user or wearer maximum comfort. With a team specialised in implementing increasingly sustainable measures and the slogan ‘Committed to a greener world’, Trerè Innovation has become a global voice for ethical values, continuous research into innovation and the pride of bearing the Made in Italy merchandising mark.

Committed to a Greener World: on a mission to save the environment 

For over 30 years, Trerè Innovation has managed to stand out in its field on account of the innovation and research we do into sportswear. From initial ideas to the final product, the goal is to create revolutionary items, that can improve performance and comfort during sports, but that also have a reduced impact on the environment thanks to the use of natural materials and cutting-edge manufacturing methods. That’s why, in 2016, Trerè Innovation became one of the first companies in Europe to obtain the important SteP (Sustainable Textile Production) by Oeko-Tex® certification, the most renowned guarantee of fully sustainable textile manufacturing processes. But Trerè Innovation wanted to go further than just meeting international standards – even the strictest ones – and so launched the “Committed to a Greener World” project. A team working under an environmental engineer identified the most pressing emergencies threatening the future of our planet: the dispersion of microplastics into water, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, the production of waste. The team then monitored Trerè Innovation’s contribution to resolving these issues.


Environmental performance 

At our headquarters in Asola, in Italy’s Mantua province, we have special filters that can trap up to 425,000 microplastic fibres every day. This stops those fibres, released during manufacturing processes, from being dispersed into water and so from posing a threat to the marine ecosystem and to human health. Over a year, that adds up to 100 million plastic fragments in our oceans, the equivalent of a thread 400 km in length. We’re also currently developing a special treatment for textile products that will be able to reduce the release of microplastic fibres during garment washing by 20%.

Since 2019, 100% of the energy that we consume at our manufacturing centre in Asola comes from renewable resources. This has allowed us to even further reduce our CO2 emissions – a major cause of global warming. We estimate a reduction of 410 tonnes of CO2 in 2019, that’s equal to a car travelling around the world 66 times. Initiatives for reusing waste materials have led to a total annual recycling rate of 110 tonnes of waste material (from paper and wood to plastic and textile fibres), thus favouring a circular economy.

You can check how the “Committed to a Greener World” project is doing by visiting or The project logo will be on all packaging for all UYN – Unleash Your Nature products, as proof of Trerè Innovation’s commitment to a greener and more sustainable world. Not just a promise or mission: the most important promise, the most important mission.