With over 70 years of experience, unrivalled capabilities and a continuous quest for innovation, we have become a standard setter for the textile industry in Italy and around the World. From the development of our own brands to the management of major labels license, as well as the creation of unique products commissioned by the most important fashion and sportswear players. We can successfully overcome any challenge.


We are pathfinders: visionaries who always go beyond what has already been created. This philosophy is reflected in our brands that have redefined traditional canons with products and communication strategies renowned for their excellence.

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We continue to challenge ourselves to improve and grow: we tackle every challenge from a 360° perspective. From product design to manufacturing, through marketing and communication all the way to distribution. This has secured us the trust of world-renowned labels to handle the full development of their apparel.

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The high quality of our products and the expertise of our teams are a great source of pride for us. We are delighted to see that this is also acknowledged by the leading sports and fashion brands that rely on us for the creation of their most iconic products.

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