UYN and VR46 team up to create
 a revolutionary shoe

The cutting-edge technology of the Italian brand and the experience of VR46 come together to develop a new line of shoes – lifestyle and functional, for everyday use and urban mobility

“UYN for VR46” is the new shoe collection developed by UYN – Unleash Your Nature together with VR46, the first result of the partnership between the Italian brand of technical apparel and the VR46 Racing Apparel company, owned by Valentino Rossi. This “Made in Italy” collaboration is destined to further expand through original and innovative projects.
Creativity, talent and the search for perfection are the qualities that have accompanied Valentino since the beginning of his career and made him a beloved and globally-recognized icon: the same qualities have been transferred to the “UYN for VR46” collection resulting in unconventional shoes, sporty style and high performance. The new line includes the UYN VR|46 Pro and UYN VR|46 Casual styles and will be distributed by VR46.


The laboratories of Asola (Mantua Province, Italy), the home of the brand UYN, have been transformed into a “box” where to fine-tune of a shoe that reflects the style and attention to detail of VR46.
UYN has drawn on the know-how and advanced technologies of AREAS (Academy For Re-Search and Engineering in Apparel and Sport), the modern R&D centre of the Italian company. This original collaboration has resulted in a shoe that combines function with comfort, perfect for everyday activities but also for urban mobility.
“The collaboration with VR46 fills us with pride”, says Marco Redini, CEO of UYN. “UYN was born with a precise mission: to revolutionize the sportswear and footwear industry by offering unique products that combine performance and style, technique and aesthetics. VR46’s experience and visionary attitude have allowed us to create a truly innovative shoe collection, which perfectly embodies the values that unite the two brands”.