The new “UYN for Luis Trenker” shoe is launched

Trerè Innovation technology meets the smart alpine style of Luis Trenker in an original collaborative project. This project – entirely “Made in Italy” – between our Asola-based company and the Luis Trenker brand from Alto Adige has brought about the “UYN for Luis Trenker” shoe, officially previewed at Pitti Uomo 97.

Trerè Innovation marked our momentous entry into the world of footwear with the production of our first UYN-branded sneaker collection – and it’s already been a success. By introducing an innovative production technique, we have crafted shoes from a single piece of knitted fabric, with a modular structure that simultaneously provides elasticity and stability. It has peaked the interest of so many fashion brands who seek the latest market trends.

As such, our partnership with Luis Trenker – a brand symbolic of the fashion world and alpine lifestyle – is the source of huge pride here at the Trerè Group. The “UYN for Luis Trenker” shoe meets the brand’s aesthetic codes, marrying them with Trerè’s cutting-edge technologies and obsessive research into the best materials for securing performance and eco-sustainability. The body of each shoe is made from wool (the inside layer) and recycled polyamide, while the insole is composed of materials derived from sugar cane.

The result? A natural, lightweight, breathable shoe with all the comfort and unmistakeable style of Luis Trenker.