Trerè Innovation succeeds once again: UYN Fusyon Cashmere Shiny wins the Plus X Award

Ambition for nothing short of the best has been in Trerè Innovation’s DNA since the beginning. That’s why we are able – and particularly proud – to announce that we have won yet further international recognition for the quality and excellence of our products. The UYN Fusyon Cashmere Shiny range, a Trerè Innovation brand, has won the prestigious Plus X Award. Involving over 700 brands, it is the largest prize for innovation in the world of technology, sport and lifestyle.

Fusyon Cashmere Shiny is a new release that UYN is preparing to release in Autumn/Winter 2019/2020. This innovative range of technical base layers is the first to bring Cashmere – a prize wool, revered for its unmatchable functions – to sportswear, in order to guarantee outstanding performance and comfort. Even the style is revolutionary: the base layer shirt and pants captivate with their gold and silver colours, which give them a precious and highly desirable appearance.

All these features combine with Trerè Innovation’s advanced technology and obsessive research into the best materials. That is what convinced the Plus X Award jury, a panel of independent experts hailing from 25 sectors. The Fusyon Cashmere Shiny was awarded some four stamps of recognition, in the following categories: High Quality, Design, Ergonomics and Ease of Use.

Now in its 15th year, the Plus X Award is an influential source of recognition and one that sets apart the best products on the market, helping consumers to make choices. Once again, Trerè Innovation has been recognised the world over as a mark of quality and innovation.