UYN opens its first Experience Store in Italy

The new flagship store opened its doors in Asola (Mantua Province, Italy). An experiential space to discover natural materials and UYN technologies

Sustainability and technology

The 250 square metre space, elegant and contemporary, has been structured to offer an immersion into the UYN world and its identifying values: sustainability and technological research. Through a sensory journey, guided by explanatory graphics, customers can discover the natural raw materials and learn the production techniques that give life to the high-performance collections of the Italian brand.

It is possible to touch the castor oil seeds and bio-polymers that are at the origin of Natex yarn and compare it first-hand with traditional petroleum-derived nylon; to appreciate the difference between organic cotton (used in UYN Natural Training and To-Be lines) and non-organic cotton (chemically treated); to observe the herbs used for the natural dyeing of the garments, the fine Merino wool and eco-sustainable hemp.

The new UYN Experience Store is also a laboratory for showing the future of sportswear. Customers are given a preview of prototypes and technologies engineered by AREAS – Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sport, the Italian group’s advanced R&D centre.

A new shopping experience

The Asola shop becomes a key element in the distribution strategy of the Italian brand, an experiential store model that UYN intends to reproduce in the retail as well as in the wholesale channels, through partnerships with shops that can dedicate all or part of their display area to offer the customer a new shopping experience.