UYN shoes win the German Innovation Award 2020

When we designed the UYN shoes we wanted them to be a revolutionary product. We created them thanks to an exclusive manufacturing technique, with sophisticated technologies and the attention to the environment that always sets us apart. This is why we are proud to have won the German Innovation Award 2020 with our first shoe collection for innovation, sustainability and “unrivalled wearing comfort”.

The jury’s verdict

“The very latest high-tech processes are used to manufacture UYN shoes. The result is a completely innovative, highly functional, and above all custom fit shoe that promises unrivalled wearing comfort. It is also very long lasting thanks to the materials used, like ecological felt and merino wool, as well as the fact that no waste is created from its manufacture”.

The award

The German Innovation Award has been awarded since 2018 by the German Design Council with the aim of honouring products that distinguish themselves primarily by their user centricity and added value compared to earlier solutions across all industrial sectors.