Trerè’s excellence in global design recognised again: UYN wins two iF Awards

We are proud to announce that Trerè Innovation has been awarded two iF Design Awards, one for the UYN Alpha Biking Twinjet cycling bibs and the other for the UYN Soccer Socks. The iF Design Award has been the undisputed judge of innovation and excellence in the field of design for 67 years. Bearing the logo isn’t just about winning one of the world’s most prestigious awards; it’s also about being part of an elite set of companies that are making an impact on people’s lives and improving experiences with revolutionary services.

The iF International Forum Design GmbH gives out the Award on a yearly basis. Headquartered in Hannover, Germany, it’s the world’s oldest independent body in the field of design. In total, 7,298 candidates from 56 countries were submitted to the panel of 78 experts and among the winners chosen for the sport products category were two UYN products. Trerè also received significant recognition for our work in 2019, with the innovative Membrain115 material, used to make the Rossignol Ski Jacket.

Alpha Biking Bibs with Twinjet ventilation technology

The Alpha Biking bibs with Twinjet chamois have Trerè’s patented ventilation system built into them. Employing the same principle on which a twin-engine jet functions (taking in air at the front and expelling it at the back), the Twinjet chamois allows air in through a special opening at the front. A system of micro-conductors in the central section then allows the air to circulate and generates a cooling effect, while moisture is wicked through two openings at the back of the shorts. The result is a net reduction in excess sweat and so less irritation in sensitive areas that come into contact with the saddle.

Soccer socks with shin guard housing

With over half a century of professional experience, Trerè Innovation tops the field when it comes to technical sock production and distribution. The latest release comes in the form of socks for football, which have shin guard housing built into their structure. The housing holds the shin guards in the correct position throughout a match or training session, without the need for often ineffective tricks using tape or bands. Their ergonomic design, the silicone inserts on the insole and the shock absorption system ensure excellent comfort, stability and control for footballers.

iF Design Award winners to be showcased in Berlin from 2 to 10 May

The Alpha Biking bibs and soccer socks will be shown, alongside the other successful candidates, at the iF Design exhibition in Berlin, one of Europe’s most important design capitals. The exhibition is scheduled to take place from 2 to 10 May in the legendary Cafe Moskau, an architectural and historical symbol of the city.

You can find information about the winning products on the iF Design Award website.
– For the Alpha Biking Twinjet bibs
– For the UYN Soccer Socks